“I thoroughly enjoyed our Mindful Outdoor Day! A great 1st day of Spring. I loved it all- and especially memorable to me was the sit space practice. You really thought of so many nice ways for us to celebrate this day.” (Linda Mays)

“Wednesday was a magical day! Thanks for all of the thoughtfulness and energy that you brought to the day, and the gentle guidance and invitation to play.” (Cathy)

“What a difference a day makes! I think Mother Nature was looking out for us…. Thanks for a great day yesterday.” (Debra Webb)

"So enjoyed this program and look forward to signing up for any and all other outdoor programs Peggy offers. Have utilized the techniques we learned numerous times and it even changed the way I look at the trees in my yard. Also loved the pine needle tea so much that I ordered some!” (Kathy Coleman)

“Peggy, thank you so much for leading the nature time for group Monday. It helped me feel relaxed and centered. I liked all the parts that you led. Time with both trees, the campfire and tea, your information about geology, history and trees. Thank you so much! Tuesday afternoon Jane and I walked around Raintree lake. We walked and sat. Enjoying the sitting as much as the walking. A young heron joined us frequently. We sat listening to the birds. An osprey made a spectacular dive to get a fish near where we were sitting. I think our time with you Monday helped us not have any need or desire to hurry. It was one of my all time favorite walks at Raintree. I truly think our time with you Monday helped us really enjoy nature and our walk Tuesday. Thank you again so much for Monday!” (Barbara Outland)

“I spent some time with a dry oak leaf while we were in the shelter, and finished my playful study this morning. I noticed myself practicing the 4-7-8 breathing while I was painting. On my recent trip to Argentina, I made a practice of spending time with leaves by painting individual ones. It was a great way to immerse into the place and the moment. I never try to do a representational rendering, but rather a playful one, letting my brush make patterns that just emerge as I go. I use one color so that I don't have to think about which green looks best, I can just touch into the shapes. Anyway, when I was painting today, I found myself very grateful for the day we had together. Thank you, thank you.” (Cathy Vaughn)