Related work experience

Leading Practice Groups 

  • Weekly Intuition Practice groups - 3 groups over 13 years

  • Weekly Dream Groups - 1 group for 2 years

Leading Meditation/Reflection

  • Sacred Circle - Monthly meditation, spiritual group - 10 years

  • Ember Days - Silent retreat days at the turn of the seasons sponsored by The Chrysalis Institute, Coordinator for 10 years

  • Labyrinth Programs - walking meditation on the replica of the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

Classes Taught

  • Coming Home to Embodied Presence

  • Living with Intention, Setting Intentions for the Holidays

  • Intentions, Prayers, and Blessings

  • Writing As a Spiritual Practice

  • Many classes on the Human Energy System and Intro to Energy Healing

Residential Weekend Retreats Offered

  • Opening to the Wisdom Within - A retreat to open the senses, intuition and embodied knowing - all facets of personal wisdom inherent within

  • Seeking the Essential- A Six Month Engagement for Exploring and Expanding Your Spiritual Life

    with weekend, day long and evening sessions

  • Living with Intention

  • Awakening the Possibilities Within

  • Women’s Overnight Dream Retreats