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 Research from around the world consistently shows that even an hour in the woods, with guided practices, slows heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress hormone(cortisol) levels, all while stimulating a healthy immune response. People consistently report feeling happier and more relaxed. Over time it has even been shown to relieve anxiety and depression.

Mindful Outdoor Experiences offer a variety of ways to awaken these benefits. Each one is held outdoors in a wooded area and includes gentle warm-ups, breathing and centering practices, a guided walk in the woods, a nature meditation and a closing circle. Mindful Outdoor Experiences are a gentle meditative approach to being in the natural world with all of your senses fully alive.  Although each experience is unique, they are all enlivening, healing and enjoyable.

Mindful Outdoor Experiences invite you to…  

Breathe with ease in a relaxed natural surrounding.
Awaken your senses with wonder and delight.
Allow your mind to quiet.
Learn the art of stillness in nature.
Practice effortless mindfulness.
Feel your aliveness.
Connect with the living earth.
Come home to your true nature.